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Beach Walk

Posted by bob on Feb 16, 2012in Reflections

You come from the city
To walk our beach
But do not know
Of what you seek.
You splash on the lotion
Thongs and a hat
Your bodies in motion
You’re off like a bat.
You look at the sand
The sea and the surf
And have nay a clue
Of our mother earth.
The whispering wind
Is deaf to your ear
And likewise the surf
That prowls without fear.
Glistening diamonds
Gifts from the Son
Dancing on wave tops
A million if one.

Why can’t you stop?
Just stand and stare
At life as it is
All around you there.

Our beach is alive
It bustles with life.
Each grain of sand
Has overcome strife.

So why not slow
To a moderate pace
And listen a while
In this sacred place?

We creatures here
Both big and small
Have found the meaning
Of it all.

This gift of space
We’ll gladly share
Our peaceful place
With love to spare.

So walk our beach
For now you know
The gift of life
We cherish so.
Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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