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Ode To A Clear Cut

Posted by bob on Mar 9, 2009in Reflections

I sat alone in the warm morning sun,
And wondered aloud, "My God, what have we done?"
Where have they gone, the trees that I love?
They were here yesterday, but now there are none,
The Pine and the Spruce, the Maple and Oak,
The Walnut and rich land that held their deep root.

Dazed, I gazed at this wasteland of brush
And wept for the amputees dismembered, for what?
Some dead, others dying, some face down,
Their backs to the sun seeping into the ground.
Good soldiers once, straight, strong and true,

Sacrificed now for the gain of a few.

The boughs of trees, their arms outstretched,
Now corpses of clear-cuts, lest we forget.
No crosses, no green grass, no flowers in bloom,
Only death and destruction, the sweet smell of doom.
My lover the wind then whispered to me,
There are more dead and dying on down to the sea.

The big Cats came and did their deed,
They clawed and scratched and slashed her clean.
Mother Earth now stands defiled, ashamed, ruined, the Virgin’s Child.
God help me handle Her distress, where do I turn, whom can I call,
This mess, my friends, concerns us all.
To turn our backs, to turn away, we seal our fate and die today.

Her wounds keep filling day-by-day with ooze and goo that won’t go away.
West Nile, the curse, is growing here, fed by stagnant pools that cheer,
Evolving death brought this day on wings that sting and bite and prey.
And feasting maggots gather round, enjoying carrion newly found,
Beneath the ghosts fallen here, tall timbers once who had no fear,
For life was given from above when man and beast respected love.


Does anybody give a damn about tomorrow’s breaching dam?
The Cats are gone, they are not here, but so are creatures once revered.
Can we count on their return? God only knows what date and plan.
But this we know, for it is true, pesticides are killers too,
And pesticides we find them here, causing death to friends so dear.
How can humans now undo the shameful acts of the few?
We bow and cower to the power of the lobby and their might,
Will we stand like pillars all, or meekly crawl from fear and fright?
We call upon our leaders too, as public servants they work for you,
But greedy men now do the deeds, and will destroy our future seeds.
To be the Phoenix of fallen trees, we need God’s love so we can see,
A vision firm, a path sincere to right the wrongs abounding here.

As I sat in deep despair and wept for those abandoned here,
A mighty moose, now in rut, stumbled through this abject muck,
I watched him muse; he seemed confused, his homestead now removed!
His mighty head he would raise and cast an unbelieving gaze,
The bogs were gone, the willows too, and no sweet grass for him to woo
His young lass and others too, who’d give his life a chance brand new.

The massive creature tarried here, exchanged a glance and then a glare,
Who are you? Why are you here? Can’t you stop this madness clear?
I was ashamed, embarrassed too, and closed my eyes in hopes he knew,
My hands are tied, my tongue is too, I tried to tell him, but he knew,
I am a coward this is true, I am afraid to stand for you,
While men of power and of might, gleefully watch our tails in flight.

A tear welled in this David’s eye, and I too began to cry,
I cannot sit upon my throne, this stump that once was a home
To creatures both big and small and none of whom deserved to fall,
Victim to those who knew the deadly crime they were to do.
With Stihl and Velmont both brand new, they cut and sheared and stuck it to
This land of plenty we all knew that sang to us the whole day through.

It’s time we stopped this clear-cut wrong and seeded her with vibrant song.
Why not begin the sweet refrain by blocking roads to further gain.
Then let us take a tree or two and plant in rows a forest new,
And then in time we will hear the songs of birds caress our ears.
How can these men of greed defame our efforts to reverse their shame
For the dirty deeds they’ve done to feed the greed of fathers’ sons?

When man has set his corporate tact, there is no way to turn him back.
“I am the god of men today, so nature lovers you will pay,
From this land to corporate store, for Judas did his earthly chore.
I as god you may be sure, that man and beast forevermore,
Will abide by what I say, like politicians in my pay.
I trust you know, of this I’m sure, no hope but hell lies at your door.


And if you push and shove too far, you’ll end up like a child of rape.
I care not for the pleas of men, I pity lambs like you, my friend.
This earth is mine, it’s mine I say! I set the rules by which you play.
I never lose, the gold is great, the golden rules are those I make!
Count on me to rape this land and leave her barren like dessert sand,
Where winds will blow across the plain, cold and cutting, causing pain.”
I wakened from this dreadful dream, the sounds of terror, a shriek, a scream,
From miles away could it be another chainsaw ripping free through

A woodlot destined to go down to ground and die there too?
Another bomb, another day, the bastards hear no word I say.
Shame on them, shame on me, I’m sorry, Moose, for losing sight
Of your needs and of your plight, but count on me to stand and fight.


I will, I promise, rise above my selfish need to waste my love,
In sheltered tombs above the ground, where apathy and greed abound.
I understand I cannot flee from powers that would threaten me,
With time away and in a cell, they’d keep me in that man made hell.
But I will speak and make it clear they bring you death of which to fear,
A death to organs that you need, it’s not your fault, it is their greed.

They spray their crops with killer dew that leaves some dead, some dying too.
No chance have you to understand, don’t eat the food in this tall stand.
Pesticides we must beware are sprayed about without much care,
For human life or creatures too, and both of us are destined to
Succumb to toxins if we knew upon which plants we’d find this dew.
So man must stand in your stead, and stop the killing before you’re dead.


The day will come, we all agree, when seedling growth will be set free
To cover up and hide away the scars and remnants here today.
And who will know what we saw upon this battle field so raw?
Can we count on life brand new, free from those who said they knew?
Or will the future hold in store a fate as shameful as before?
Or must we make our stand today to prevent more rotting clay?

Mr. Moose, you know the drill to fight the fight, impose your will.
Thank you friend for your might to right the wrong, to meet the plight,
That reckless men have dumped upon you, the land and other pawns.
If only humans knew the truth, and took the time to stand with you,
And learn about your way of life, out here beyond their daily strife,
The two of us could guarantee, no more clear-cuts would there be.


Listen, Moose, it’s very clear, our word has spread so let us cheer,
That all mankind responds with fear to the mess created here.
Moose, it’s time to up the stakes and call upon the human race,
“Take a stand!” it’s very clear, we must defend our children dear,
All God’s children conceived in love, yours and mine, from above.
It’s time to be clear-cut too, rigid pillars reborn, renewed.

We men of might have arrived to end their plight, we’ll stand and fight.
We sing our song for creatures here, a haven for them free from fear.
Where man and beast are free at last to share the love in nature’s grasp.
Where what we hear is on the wing, brought to us by winds that sing.
Through the leaves, free from sin and stands of giants, limb to limb.
We pray to you this simple prayer, “Can you leave our Virgin fair, undefiled like Her Child?
And leave us here in His domain, where He will reign and end all pain?

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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