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What I Think

What I Think
What I Think

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in What I Think

 Political correctness is off the chart and needs to be stopped! Offending others is a way of life and people ought to develop a thicker skin and get over it! Those who can’t or won’t ignore slurs or putdowns have to much time on their hands and should find a new line of work…let me explain.

      Let me begin with your hand. Simple enough? You have five digits on each hand. Each has been given a name. Growing up you probably learned the names of each extremity and never asked why each had a specific street, not to be confused with a scientific name, correct?

      For example, the thumb; you can give a thumbs up and that is acceptable. If you gave a thumb down sign the world could come to an end. It certainly did in the Roman Coliseum when Christians were fed to lions or losing Gladiators were killed to satisfy the perverse pleasure of the roaring crowds. Was this an indication of too many people having too much time on their hands?

      Next in line of digits is the index finger; why is it called the index finger? Could be that it was used, in the old days to finger through the paper work in search of a specific document so that it could be indexed for the proprietor’s benefit and record keeping purposes. It might have been used to signal your success as the best of your trade by holding up the finger to signify or identify, index you, as number one. It could have been identified as the index finger because it was used to point-out, to others, points on interest or importance by pointing that finger in the direction of the target, while three others pointed back at you. There was a lot of indexing back then. There are other uses for the index finger but I will leave those to your imagination.

      Then there is the insulting and infuriating middle finger. Why? I have never figured out why the middle digit has caused so much harm in society, after all it is simply the longest of the five fingers on your hand, so why the fuss? If it was combined with the other four fingers it would be considered a friendly wave. If used in conjunction with the index finger and thumb it is the letter “U” in signing vocabulary. There are other worthy uses of the middle finger like the letter “P”which is an inverted middle finger…so why all the anger when that passing motorist signals you with the middle finger extended upward? Is it not simply an indication that “U” are special? I have never figured out why we react so violently to digital waves. What am I missing?

      Then you have the ring finger. That one is easy. Doesn’t everyone wear a ring on either the left hand signifying marriage? While a ring on the right hand ring finger indicates a need for public awareness due to deep rooted insecurities.

      Finally we come to the “Pinky” finger. Have you ever seen a pink little finger? It appears that if you wear a ring on that finger you may well be a member of the third unit of the sexually liberated population, a homosexual. However, it could be a sign that real men aren’t concerned with their sexuality and have no fear about wearing a pinky finger ring among their friends. I used to wear a beautiful Sapphire in a brushed platinum setting on my pinky when I was younger.…because I liked the look. Got a problem with that big-boy?

      So here we are trying to understand why all the fuss about the digits on our hands. Here is what I think; the politically correct movement of far left loonies has such sensitive skin they can’t deal with truth. At least that is my impression coming from the great White House in Washington and the Dome we call Congress. May I suggest that they keep applying their skin cream to keep their outer layer conditioned for the affection of their own sexual preferences?

      I might suggest that they keep their filthy hands off my mouth and my written word and do something productive with their perverted lives. I am pushing back dear politically correct goons and look forward to challenging you at every turn when I use a word or two you may find offensive. 

      In  the next edition of What I Think I’ll provide a syntax  of words that will offend the sensitive thin skin of perverted and demented members of our society. It’s PUSH BACK time my friends and you can read it here!

      Love too all! 

That’s what I think.

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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