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What I Think

What I Think

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in What I Think

Do you have or are you going to DRESS-UP the banner on this section so it POPS when people go to it?

In your estimation how many words do you think the reader will endure with this section before they opt-out? 

      I awoke this morning, as I have for the past 23,676 mornings with an attitude! It was going to be a Mayday or a Hayday but I had not decided which as I opened my eyes, shook the cobwebs from my head, rubbed my eyes and made my way to the brewing pot of coffee in the kitchen.

      However, my Mayday was not the normal “internationally recognized communications distress call, used by ships and aircraft,” it was a determination if today would be the day the United States of America would succumb to the Obama administrations call for Population Overthrow and become a dictatorship.

      Have I now joined the Obama enemies list? So be it!

      America is out of control. It’s being lead and ruled by nefarious special interest prostitutes who care nothing for you and me.

      I have a number of radical suggestions in my BLOG “Retaking America!” however, before you click on it you ought to decide that you too have seen and heard enough over the years from Washington and State Capitols to begin organizing to take our country back…before it is too late.

      That is what I think!


Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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