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Ode to a Dying Gannet

Posted by bob on Aug 11, 2010in Reflections


Gannet, oh gannet
What have you become?

Your neck is broken
Your diving is done.

You lay on the sand
Out in the sun

Once crystal clear eyes
Now only a glaze.

Oh, mighty bird
So free and so strong

You’ve wandered so far
Wandered so long

Being the compass
On our seas

The brightest star
For all to see.

Death is approaching
It’s coming in waves.

Gannet1 It’s coming will end
What’s left of your days.

The sun bleached sand
Is now your bed.

I’m here for you
I’ll lay your head

Upon my lap
Until you’re dead.

The tide’s come in
Now you are gone
And life without you
Will continue on.

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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