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Posted by bob on Mar 9, 2009in Reflections

Burning leaves, brilliant trees
Red and yellows mix together
Cider filled with autumn cheer
Fall is in the air.
Birds are looking to the sun
For clues on where to go
Morning songs no longer sung
Fall is in the air.
Scurrying squirrels, red and grey
Acorns on the tree
Swollen checks and scratching feet
Fall is in the air.
Apples scattered from their fall
Deer and bear share them all
Feasts aplenty will soon be gone
Fall is in the air.

Days grow short, nights grow long
Frost is everywhere.
Blackened skies, star-filled eyes
Fall is in the air.

Golden rays light amber stays
Your arms around me dear
We rest a while and share a smile
Fall is in the air.
We wake, we walk a quiet talk
We listen to our God above
Then thank Him for our gifts of love
Fall is in the air.
Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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