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Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux smiles when he is asked how he made the transition from the world of professional athletics and politics to nature and wildlife photojournalism, "The move was simple enough: I simply moved from one animal kingdom to another."

Bob enters his sixth decade with a broad base of knowledge that allows him to be an effective interpreter of his surroundings, both in the wild and within society. As an accomplished photographer, author and conservationist Bob\'s artistic eyes catch the essence of his subjects in their natural habitat as he transfers them to lasting memories.

Bob has been an active protector of the environment and nature\'s habitats for years and as a veteran political activist has positively influenced the legislative landscape.

Bob has been honoured with a recent photographic spread on the U-Haul Company web site detailing the scientific efforts being undertaken to protect the critical habitat of the upper Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada and the need for its preservation as a refuelling stopover site for migrating shorebirds.

His honours don\'t stop there: He is a published author, educator and sought after exhibitor. He has crisscrossed the North American continent, seeking unique, intriguing and revealing scenes that portray the environment and its inhabitants in all phases--good, bad and at times down-right ugly.

Bob is fluent in French and English, has a portfolio of impressive images and accompanying tall-tales associated with his career as a naturalist, photo-journalist, professional athlete and political activist. Bob captivates his audiences with humour, candour and a well defined call to action. His programs have his audiences laughing, on the edge of their seats at times, with a strong message for a renewed commitment to preserving our environment.

Bob calls Atlantic Canada his maternal home and has scouted the region over many decades, identifying the best locations for wildlife, sea and shorebird photography on the east coast.

Mr. Lemieux invites you to contact him and schedule group or individual, year around photography adventures throughout the region.