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A Simple Time

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in Reflections

simpleTime1 Life was simple way back then

The longboats lifted from the floor
Heave too men the first mate roared

We had no time to sink or swim
We hit the bottom up to our chin

We bobbed and rode the waves to shore
Not all we dragged could be restored

We laid exhausted on the sand
The cold Atlantic claimed no man

We raised-up all and gave HIM praise
Then looked before us through the haze

A sheltered cove we were amazed
With granite walls that left us dazed

A sigh of wonder and of awe
How would we all survive ‘till fall?

Here we were in Acadie
It’s sixteen-four and we are free

We set about our simple plan
An agile man who feared no man

Women most robust indeed
But eyes were blinded by our needs

Courtships lasted just that day
simpleTime2 By evening none could stand the pain

Morning found us on our knees
Reciting vows our God was pleased

Married by the man of God
We planted seeds with new found speed

We raised our crops and worked our land
And made the home our palace grand

Families grew and multiplied
And spread their seeds and fortified

And built for them a unit strong
Filled with love, much peace and song

The church had taken each high place
And held our records in that place

Our births and deaths and unions too
When marriage was the thing to do

Life was simple way back then

We were convinced by men in black
And hooded angles wit the knack

As long as we gave God his place
In every home He’d give HIS grace

All of us the big the small
Pushed and pulled we did it all

Our tables were the center of
A universe filled with love

We learned to count and do our math
And spell our words and make mom laugh

Mother showed us we were loved
She was the one we called our dove

Father taught us right from wrong
To keep our word meant we were strong

Greed did not exist back then
Instead we learned to love our friends

If a family down the road
Struggled with their daily load

We put our shoulders to their wheel
And moved their wagon no big deal

Life was simple way back then

This tale I tell you is the truth
I stand here tall as living proof Must reach the top and drop the rope
To those below then up the slope

The roar behind us added speed
We prayed we would be spared indeed

We survived the mighty climb
Then stood upon the cliffs so fine

And pondered life no looking back
This was to be our paradise

Life was simple way back then

We fished the sea and tilled the land
We stayed the course a disciplined plan

Two years passed we lacked for not
Except a damsel’s silk like frock

Strong men filled our daily pot
By night we were a restless lot

Spring had come, a schooner docked
We stood there praising the pretty flock

God had ears HE heard our prayers
And guided neat men to the stairs

Our evenings were such simple fests
We welcomed friends and sometimes guests

We listened to each point of view
And learned so much from elders too

About each stage that life would bring
And how we should prepare for stings

We had respect for those whose years
Had taught them how to deal with fears

We needed not an altered state
To find ourselves or please our mate

We made a plan for life anew
And stayed with it and saw it through

We stood by God and read HIS word
The Ten Commandments taught and heard

Life was simple way back then

We honoured men and women too
And blessed their unions for we knew

It takes a man and woman too
As equal partners to make anew

Our folks took charge the village new
That dad and mom knew what to do

We did not need the village too
Our parents then we had two

Our school was home and chapel when
We bowed in prayer and then took pen

We loved our friends and judged them not
T’was in HIS image we grew a lot

We romped and played in air so pure
That drinking dew was sure to cure

Sunday was our day to rest
We’d kneel and pray and say we’re blessed

We were a stronger people then
Who earned respect

How ever did we make it through?
No drugs, no thugs, no witches brew

Just getting high on life back then
And so I ask you once again

"How have we gone so wrong, my friends?"

Life was simple way back then

What ever happened, when did it end?

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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