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Happy St. Patricks Day

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in News

For a man with a name like Belliveau-Ferrin (Acadian-Irish) why wouldn’t I be ecstatic to announce the re-launch of the Nature-n-Focus web site on St. Patrick’s Day, 2009?

After six months of creative work Nature-n-Focus is back up and running with many new, interactive and educational features. Blogs, poems, children stories the entire family can enjoy, travel logs, our gallery of nature images, and educational in-school programs are a small part of our new features…and there is more to come!

The Nature-n-Focus web site will offer provocative and factual blogs in three areas of expertise—Nature, Politics, and Sports.

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux, the man behind the site, has an extensive background in all three areas and is considered qualified to offer insightful opinions, observations and suggestions in each of these highly volatile spheres impacting our culture and society today.

Bob spent twenty-three years in the professional sports world as a player, coach, general manager and ultimately league commissioner. From sports he moved to another high profile arena, politics, where he and his colleagues provided education, guidance and oversight of programs and policies that impacted parents and families within the state of Michigan and across the country. As founder of the DADS Foundation, Bob and his colleagues demanded fiscal and social engineering accountability from state, federal and local government and public education officials before implementing their untested theories upon trusting families. Twelve years of dedication to families and oversight of questionable bureaucratic decisions paid dividends. The efforts of the DADS Foundation and Rutherford Institute produced approximately 100 pieces of state legislation, which provided a shield for families, children and society, in the state of Michigan.

After serving twelve years in the public sector Bob retired and headed into the woods to develop his passion of interacting with nature on a more personal and hospitable level. Hence, Nature-n-Focus was born. A decade has passed since its inception and it is our hope to provide you with an insider’s view of the world as we see it.

We hope our opinions and observations will stimulate debate, comments and a call to action on behalf of our children and grandchildren to protect our earth, its creatures, both human and animal. We hope we can encourage you to interact and intercede with your elected public servants, at all levels of government, to insure the future health and welfare of all our citizens, especially our children, those in-utero and those born into this sometimes hostile environment.

Welcome to Nature-n-Focus!

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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Great website...passing it along!

posted by Mary St.Onge on 04/24/2009

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