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La Grange

Posted by bob on Jun 5, 2009in Reflections


A bearded man in denim garb stands upon his throne


His flock of eight stand and wait, for him to sing his song.



“Team!” He chants into the wind, “Let’s bust some sod today!”

The mammoth beasts dig in their feet and strain against the weight.



Their golden manes and sculptured frames strain into the rain

They dance in step the traces stretch they plow off through the plain.



The preacher man then rests his flock six furlongs up the row

He stoops to pray upon the way the earth will shortly grow.



With head still bowed he speaks aloud, “The ground is wet today.”

His eyes then rise toward the skies he asks the Son to pray,



For warmer days, much drier days before the seeds he’ll lay

And soon a gentle southern breeze will warm, and dry by May.



“Team! He chants once again, “Move ‘em out, and bust some sod today!”

The mammoths raise their muscled necks and waltz on to and fro.

The bearded man all denim clad his sharp eyes watch below,

As yards and yards of rich black sod turn over row by row


He lifts his eyes up to the skies and thanks the God he knows


No matter what today will bring, not rain, nor wind, or snow

Can take away the joy he has for all he’ll ever know

An Amish life, a simple life, a peace they love to show.

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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