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World Congress of Acadians 2009

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in News

Nature-n-Focus and photo-journalist Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux are honored to present an art and educational photographic exhibition at the World Congress of Acadians in Bas-Caraquet, New Brunswick, August 18-23, 2009. The exhibition will feature the array of migrating shorebirds that pass through this ecological paradise each spring and autumn. The Acadian Peninsula is North America’s most important migratory route between the birds South American wintering grounds and their Canadian Arctic breeding and nesting habitat.

Bob, who considers the Maritime Provinces of Canada his maternal home, has spent the better part of the last eight years capturing the migratory shorebird inhabitants on their re-fueling stop-over’s on these food rich wetlands, beaches and marshes. Bob has documented the good, the bad and often the ugly consequences of ecological intrusion and the impact of man on the environment. His documentary style and his artistic approach to presenting his subjects have provided him with the unique qualities of detailing his subjects in their natural state while at ease with Bob as he becomes a part of their daily lives.

Bob’s commitment to storytelling will provide the visitors an opportunity to interact with the artist and share in his findings, insights and opinions of existing conditions, pending problems and pro-active solutions.

The Nature-n-Focus exhibition by the Acadian-American Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux is on display at the City Hall of Bas-Caraquet, New Brunswick, August 18-23, between 10 AM and 9 PM.

Admission is free and a good time will be had by all attending the Acadian World Congress. Acadians know how to have a good time!

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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