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Dateline: Portage, MIchigan

Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in What I Think

 Tea-Parties have become the rage of a generation of younger people encountering the oppressive tactics and intimidation from the zealous liberal thinking population of the United States. “So, What’s New?” In the mid-eighties the DADS Foundation was established here in Michigan to counter the issues of that era….the same issues prominent today.

Unlike the eighties parents, their off-spring are aware and fearful of the consequences of inaction. The primary reason is the tools we have today, internet, social networking systems and outspoken researchers and students of oppressive activities like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Shawn Hannity. There are others, doing good work and they too must be thanked for their commitment to developing in us an awareness that will provide the anchor or life-ring for our children and grandchildren.

Thursday, October 22, 2009 is a big day for America; The Federal Government will vote in favor of their effort to silence opposition to the Obama Juggernaut leading us into oblivion as a nation. The leaders of the Communism, Islamic jihadists and other subversive elements in the world don’t have to worry about the demise of the United States all they have to do is wait for the George Soros led Obama flock of sheep to take us up the ramp as the Judas Goat that they are and into the slaughter house of democracy.

      For twelve years The DADS Foundation in conjunction with the Rutherford Institute and faithful volunteer parents waged war on this very form of repression. Speeches were made, facts were presented and accountability sought from public servants and their bureaucratic lackeys and to a degree we were capable of stalling the march to oblivion we are facing today.

      DADS is proud that we were instrumental in introducing and getting signed into law approximately 100 pieces of legislation on behalf of family values, effective drug prevention programs in our schools and other valuable measures to halt the speedy decline within our society. On the other side of the coin were the perpetrators of destruction, People for the American Way (an oxymoron), The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the State Teachers Unions and Departments of Education and Health and others whose sympathies lay with perverted self-serving entities with no morale backbone.

      However they had good company! Many on the right-wing some call them the “Christian Right” were complicit with the agenda espoused by the decedent purveyors of death to a moral society. The Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, self-serving evangelists whoring the unsuspecting public out of their savings and a lack of back-bone in the majority of parent population who were unwilling to act upon knowledge and facts that were repeatedly presented to them.

      We are today were we have been placed by one generations lack of Faith and the Will to confront evil. So who can we look too today? Tea-Party organizers and complaining adults?

      We can, however, before we go to far in our commitment of support let me point out a few flaws in their approach to dealing with the destructive forces they will and are encountering:

      1, don’t wait for leadership from the pulpits of Beck, Limbaugh and others, get involved yourself and get educated on the issues before you. Give-up some of that precious security and get out and face the enemy. You won’t have far to look; your neighbor may be one, definitely your public school and its teachers are another, your union bosses are another and even within your church community itself. Ferret them out, confront them with the facts and demand they be accountable for their answers;

      2. be sure your Tea-Party group has a simple “small bite” agenda to accomplish what it can in your own backyard. The big picture is too big for you now…your time will come. Do the little things now and do them right;

      3. Become informed on the issues before us and be factually accurate before you make statements the opposition can use to discredit you. Once you are loaded with accurate data never back down from your opponent and demand that they be accountable for each of their responses. Make them stay on point and do not allow them to shout you down, switch the topic in mid stream or make you out to be an ill-informed spokesperson;

      4. Work to develop power within the precints and find committed leaders within each to carry-out the bigger plan from within and on a lesser scale that ultimately will merge into a superlative model to destroy your opponent;

      5. Cultivate power brokers of your own on school boards, in the media, in conservative organizations and require them to be committed and ask them to perform simple tasks that can be3 monitored to see if in fact they are working for the greater good of your cause;

      6. Develop articulate and charismatic spokespersons who can present your case for conservatism in a dignified manner and still be forceful enough to win the debate with the uninformed ideologies on the opposition;

      7. Not everyone can or will be willing to take the point position. Do not shun them. Instead find their niche, provide them with resources and direction for their role in the plan and use their talents to support your efforts. DADS had the best researcher in the national parent movement and that is the key that made DADAS so successful and the most serious threat during our time on the front lines;

      8. Use modern day tools to reach as many parties as possible, on both sides of the issue and even those straddling the fence. The more you activate the opposition the more opportunities you are provided to debate the issues and to insure the fence-sitters will fall to one side r the other. Usually, a fence sitter will fall to the side of reason rather than into the abyss of destruction they intuitively know is wrong;

      9. Build a financial chest for rainy days. The funds are available however contributors must see hope at the end of the day for the plan, a well developed plan of attack and leaders who are committed to a successful outcome…….no timidity allowed;

      10. It will become extremely warm in the activist kitchen and if you are concerned about the heat you should stay home! You will be slandered, your berliefs will be attacked, you will be branded with unthinkable allegations that are fabricated and that you will find difficult to defend, even when they are untrue, you will be threatened and your children may be made to pay a price as well…but what is the price of freedom from demagoguery?

      Take a minute, find a source that you believe will fortify you against the attacks and attackers find allies and go forth and do battle. In the end you will win out over evil. Good always wins when confronted by perversion, decadence and avarice. Be humble, be prepared and bring with you the shield of knowledge and wisdom.

      That is What I Think!

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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