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Posted by bob on Mar 4, 2012in News

Welcome to the first issue of the Nature-n-Focus blog, straight from the heart of a dedicated protector of the family, nature and all living creatures, both human and animal, from conception to natural death.

Need I say more about my position on life, death or the preservation of our earth.

As intelligent humans we are doing a poor job of guarding our most precious reserves, both human and environmental.

As I travel through this new dominion called cyber space I hope to reveal and convey not only thoughts that have crossed my mind and action steps we can take as a civilized and intellectually superior beings.

Let me establish my foundational beliefs and from there we can begin our discussions on who’s right, who’s left and who’s on the fence with no opinion or courage. I have no problem with critics on either side of the fence all I ask is you decide which side you are on. I can deal with you on either side and for those of you in the middle consider me the guy with his hand on the lever of the electric fence who will send a charge up-you forcing you to fall to one side or the other.

If we are to debate or discuss let’s do it in a civilized way and see if we can agree to disagree, be honest and forightright and remove ourselves from the politicians corrupting our society today.

If you have an opinion that is anti-family, pro-government and given to giving-up our rights to stay free from government intrusion and oversight of our freedoms we will have a difficult time coming together. However, if you are honest about our rights express our opinions and criticisms of our perceptions of life as we are presently living it then we will have a good time renewing the sound fundamental base upon which our nation was established.

As a professional nature photographer and writer I have many opinions and observations to share and I will not hold back on any point I believe we need to expose or discuss as believers in a free society under pressure from domestic terrorists, most of who can be identified in Washington and the Capitols of each State in the Union.

It’s time to return the nation of the United States of America to the people and restrict how much we are giving up to a few, demented egotists who are eroding every right we have or is it had?

I’m open to feed back and a healthy discussion.

From the desk Of Bob Ferrin Jr.

Bob Belliveau-Ferrin Lemieux
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Now we know who the sensblie one is here. Great post!

posted by Johnetta on 05/15/2011

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